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The ones who care beyond compare.

Spanning multiple cultures, generations, educational backgrounds and areas of medical expertise, our multilingual team delivers care that’s as human as care gets.

Donny Rozenberg

Acting Administrator



Nadine Hall RN, MSN

Director of Nursing Services

Nadine has a Bachelor of Science in International Relations from the University of the West Indies in Jamaica, a Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Business Administration from the Mona School of Business in Jamaica, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Concordia College in New York, and a Master of Science in Nursing from Capella University in Minneapolis.

Nadine developed a love for rehabilitation and skilled nursing as it is a healthcare field where she can treat individuals in their totality, managing illnesses and promoting health and wellness. She is committed to providing quality and compassionate care to all of those in the facility while building a culture of accountability and community. She makes a point to talk to the residents every day. “Every interaction,” she says, “is an opportunity to understand how to better care for each individual.”

Maya Clarke

Director of Social Services

Maya earned her Bachelor’s & Master’s of Social Work at Nyack College. Her mother spent a great deal of time in nursing facilities, and in her dealings with social workers, Maya was inspired by them. She has set out to make a difference in the social service realm—to provide emotional and moral support, as well as encouragement to all populations, particularly in the healthcare field. “Teamwork,” she says, “truly makes the dream work, and my team really makes it happen, and I would say I am honored to be a part of our amazing team.”

Geenan Cubilla

Director of Rehabilitation

Geenan earned his Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy from De La Salle University in the Philippines and a Doctor of Physical Therapy from Utica College. Inspired by his mother who is also a physical therapist, his dedication to rehabbing patients is in his blood.

Geenan welcomes the opportunity to interact with residents as a way to understand their needs and provide better care. His goal is to continue to grow personally and professionally so as to provide optimum care to both the residents and the community.

Monique Sampson

Director of Recreation

Monique Sampson is a Bronx native who graduated from Lehman College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Recreation Education. “Recreation is more than bingo,” she says. “Activities build friendships and strengthen residents physically, mentally, and emotionally. I am passionate about motivating the residents to move and groove like they never have before. We have parties, live entertainment, karaoke, and many other activities to enhance the quality of life of the residents. It is more than a job, it’s what I love to do.”

Knowledge is health.

For the absolute highest quality of care, Williamsbridge Center staffs medical providers on each unit who stay in constant communication with leadership throughout the day. Team collaboration is our forte, and this commitment helps us maintain an unbeatable continuum of care.

Our team also works hard to keep therapies as consistent as possible, tracking all communications through an advanced electronic medical record system. This ensures immediate transmission of information across the entire care network.